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Is there between DateTime in C# ? I know I can do simple check with if (a > date1 && a < date2) but I was trying to find Between method.

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Between in SQL is inclusive, your example is exclusive. –  Richard Schneider May 11 '14 at 7:12

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There is not a Between function but should be easy enough to add one

public static bool Between(DateTime input, DateTime date1, DateTime date2)
    return (input > date1 && input < date2);
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It would be better to make such function the extension method. –  Alex Apr 18 '11 at 21:19
public static bool IsBetween(this DateTime input, DateTime date1, DateTime date2) { return (input >= date1 && input <= date2); } i guess this could be bit nicer :-) –  MadBoy Apr 18 '11 at 21:20
It should be noted that the SQL Between statement translates to Value >= date1 And Value <= date2. I.e., it is inclusive of the endpoints (one of the reasons I'm not fond of SQL's between is exactly for this reason: it isn't obvious). –  Thomas Apr 18 '11 at 21:31

Why restrict to just dates, use the IComparable interface.

public static bool Between (this IComparable a, IComparable b, IComparable c)
    return a.CompareTo(b) >= 0 && a.CompareTo(c) <= 0;

Please note, as @Thomas commented, this is a inclusive Between.

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Nice :-) Good idea. –  MadBoy Apr 18 '11 at 21:43
It doesn't compile, Add a ( at the beggining of return and the end ; –  e4rthdog Feb 25 '13 at 9:12

No, there is not.

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I would have added a function like everyone else did, but the question included valid code already. It seemed redundant. Cheers! –  David Apr 18 '11 at 21:30

FWIW, BETWEEN is inclusive, not exclusive WRT to its bounds. Anyway, here you go:

public static bool Between(this DateTime instant, DateTime dtFrom , DateTime dtThru )
  if (dtFrom > dtThru) throw new ArgumentException( "dtFrom may not be after dtThru", "dtFrom" );
  bool isBetween = ( instant >= dtFrom && instant <= dtThru );
  return isBetween;
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Why assign the value to isBetween instead of just returning it? But I have to give you props for being the first person to realize Between is inclusive. –  juharr Apr 18 '11 at 21:24
Facilitates debugging/logging (not that this should require a lot of either, but it's good to try and set an example for doing things the Right Way). –  Nicholas Carey Apr 18 '11 at 21:25

There is not, but if you obey number line formatting per Code Complete, the raw code looks simpler:

if((lowDate < a) && (a < highDate)) 
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You can add an extension method :

public static Boolean Between(this DateTime input, DateTime minDate, DateTime maxDate)
    // SQL takes limit in !
    return input >= minDate && input <= maxDate;
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Building on @richardschneider answer, my solution adds a boundary range type as a parameter.

public enum RangeBoundaryType

    [Description("Inclusive on both boundaries")]

    [Description("Inclusive on only the lower boundary")]

    [Description("Inclusive on only the upper boundary")]

public static bool Between(this IComparable value, IComparable comparator0, IComparable comparator1, RangeBoundaryType rangeBoundary)
    switch (rangeBoundary)
        case RangeBoundaryType.Exclusive:
            return (value.CompareTo(comparator0) > 0 && value.CompareTo(comparator1) < 0);

        case RangeBoundaryType.Inclusive:
            return (value.CompareTo(comparator0) >= 0 && value.CompareTo(comparator1) <= 0);

        case RangeBoundaryType.InclusiveLowerBoundaryOnly:
            return (value.CompareTo(comparator0) >= 0 && value.CompareTo(comparator1) < 0);

        case RangeBoundaryType.InclusiveUpperBoundaryOnly:
            return (value.CompareTo(comparator0) > 0 && value.CompareTo(comparator1) <= 0);

            return false;
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I use something similar to Richard Schneider's (universal between) and Gary Pendlebury's answer (simpler configurable boundary inclusion)

public static bool Between(this IComparable value, IComparable lowerBoundary, IComparable upperBoundary, 
    bool includeLowerBoundary=true, bool includeUpperBoundary=true)
    var lower = value.CompareTo(lowerBoundary);
    var upper = value.CompareTo(upperBoundary);
    return (lower > 0 || (includeLowerBoundary && lower == 0)) &&
           (upper < 0 || (includeUpperBoundary && upper == 0));
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