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Hi everyone I have rented the programmer to create for me software written in PHP programming language. Unfurtunately God hasn't given me such a gift that I could program in PHP. Hopefully I could ask if someone can help me. I have two computers. I tried an INcomplete software on both of them with exactly the same code. The purpose of this was to test the current features. Exactly the same code was on first computer runned to final step, on second it didn't run to final step. How is this possible I don't know. I have analyzed processes running in Task Manager - no big differences. The few ones, I tried to shut down but the software, on second computer, still didn't run to the final step. It has worked before, what happened now I don't know. The only differences is that on the first one, I have xp sp2 and on the second one I have xp sp3. As I said xp's service pack for sure isn't the reason for this issue because it was always runned to the final step with no problem.

Of course I have to describe the software a bit: It has two methods: method1 (M1) and method2 (M2).

M1: I choose the folder with files inside. At the current step of incomplete software, I have to choose it. When software will be finished, the folders will be chosen automatically. From this folder, the software constructs the Searching Keywords (collection of words that will be searched) based on specific sections of ID3v2 tags, filenames (in case if any word(s) or numbers or combination of them is/are NOT in ID3v2 tags but are in filenames), foldernames (in case if any words or numbers or combination of them is/are NOT in in ID3v2 tags and also NOT in filenames but are in foldername). Many words are inside txt files that should be ignored from occuring in Searching Keywords and also there are many other rules added into the code. Once I choose the folder, I press the button ''Run'' and the message ''Running Now'' appears. While this message is being showed, the software actually search on some website for a link. If in this specific website's database the link, which matches Searching Keywords is found then in the same window where message ''Running Now'' is shown, occurs new text window, with foldername, name of the files inside that folder, Searching Keywords, some more detials and the most important - the actual link found. If the link is NOT found, the foldername occurs instead of the link. Also there are many rules added which link to show and which not (such as for example if specific word is on the link then don't show or search further if any other link matches the Searching Keywords and so on - many other rules).

M2: Similar as M1 except, at the current step of incomplete sofware, I choose the file instead of folder. Then the Searching Keywords are constructed based of ID3v2 tags (same definited sections of tags as in M1) and based on this single filename (if any word(s) is/are NOT in ID3v2 tags but is/are in this filename then it/they get addet to the Searching Keywords). Here is no folder because Im choosing the file and not the folder as in M1. When software will be finished, all files from specific folder will be taken automatically. If the link is NOT found then it does NOT show the foldername where the chosen file is located (as in M1) but it shows the filename. Some rules are different than in M1 but comparing to what I wrote above for M1, this is the same: after choosing the file, I press Run button, waits for search to be done and then either link (if found) or filename (if link not found) occurs, together with some other text.

So on my first computer, what I just described, works good. On the second, it cannot pass the message ''Running Now'' (as I said, it has before but I have no idea what happened). I have tried many times and the website's server is definitely not down. Command prompt window also occurs when I double click on the software file (file and not button) to run it. In the command prompt, the message appears immediately after clicking on ''Run'' button. The message is:

PHP Warning: wbExec: Could not run application C:\folder_path\filename1.phpw in C:\folder_path\filename2.php

The word ''wbExec'' got my attention. Firstly I had no idea what this could be. I know nothing about PHP programming, nothing about programming in general. So I decided to use Google. Regarding to what I found, I got the following informations whatever does this word ''wbExec'' mean (informations might be wrong !!!):

  • its a file
  • it is in .dll extension (this doesn't say in command prompt message)
  • it is hidden file with no matter if windows option ''how hidden files and folders'' is disabled or not
  • it is supposted to be in C:\Program Files
  • it might have in some situations something to do with registry

Those 5 informations, honestly, tell me nothing. I searched further and saw some site with suggestion: in case of having any issues with ''wbExec'' (i still don't know for sure what this is) then try to run registry fix/clean programs. So I runned the following:

CCleaner Abexo Registrybooster

It didn't work. On second computer still nothing happens after the message ''Running Now'' appears.

I made sure in several different ways that I don't have any kind of malware on hard drive.

Now Im much worried about this. Software must work on both computers. The fact that it does ''work'' (with ''work'' I mean it successfully passes ''Running Now'' message) on first computer proves that the software's code is, so far, correct so I cannot complain about the code. Something must be wrong on second computer's system.

May I ask if anyone could please assist me with this and/or would be willing to connect to me via free, ''no-dealing-with-ports-oppening-needed'' software for remote dekstoping TeamViewer.

Thank you in advance.

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that's just a lot of text for me to read. Hire another programmer if the first doens't fit you –  dynamic Apr 18 '11 at 21:33
preinheimer the text message is very short - as short as possible to ask. With suggesting another programmer you entirely missed the point of the message but I would like to thank you anyway for replying. –  caco Apr 18 '11 at 21:38
wbExec is related to windows blinds, but that's kind of irrelevant. How come it's file extension is phpw as opposed to php? –  Dotmister Apr 18 '11 at 21:44
I have gotten it in phpw, other one in php. According to the behaviour on the first computer, it works. So it must be something wrong with my windows xp sp3 (so with the system) of second computer. –  caco Apr 18 '11 at 21:48
hello? anyone knows this? –  caco Apr 18 '11 at 22:23

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