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I want to create an xml file which will be used to store the structure of a java program. I am able to sucessfully parse the java program and create the tags as required..the problem arriseswhen I try to include the source code inside my tags, since JAVA source codes may use a vast number of entity reference and reserved characters like &,< ,> ,&& I am not able to create a valid xml....

my xml should go like this:

<xml version="1.0">
<prg name="prg_name">
<class name= "class_name>
<parent>parent class</parent>
<Parent_Interface>Interface name </Interface>
<Method name= "method_name">
 <statement>the ordinary java statement</statement>
 <if condition="Conditional Expression">
   <statement> true statements </statement>
    <statement> false statements </statement>
 <statement> usual control statements </statement>

Like this but the problem is conditional expression of if or een other statements have a lot of && or othr reserved symbols in them which prevents xml from getting validated...since all this data(source code) is given by user I have little control over it......escaping the characters will be very costly in terms of time.. I can use CDATA to escape the element text but it can not be used for attribute values containing conditional expressions.........I am using antlr java grammar to parse the java program and getting the attributes and content for the tags So is there any other work around for it????


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You will have to escape

" to  &quot;
' to  &apos;
< to  &lt;
> to  &gt;
& to  &amp;

for xml.

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Use JSON (or YAML, which is like "JSON++") instead of XML. Then you won't need to do as much escaping, and parsing/outputting JSON also tends to be faster than parsing/outputting XML.

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