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I have read this document regarding setting the options but cannot seem to do it. I've been inside the environment.rb class but not sure what I am doing with the Symbol => Object as I am unfamiliar with Ruby. Can anyone help?

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Try this: sass --watch style.scss:style.css --style OPTION where options are: compressed, expanded, compact.

Example for compressed: sass --watch --style compressed style.scss:style.css

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Looks like there may be some initialization issues when using environment.rb to set up sass configurations. Follow the instructions here:

Rails3 and Sass::Plugin::options

Good luck.

---- Original answer Under what circumstances are you using sass? Are you running Rails? I pulled this from the sass docs:


Options can be set by setting the Sass::Plugin.options hash in environment.rb in Rails or config.ru in Rack…

Sass::Plugin.options[:style] = :compact

Just assign the :style entry to one of the available options from the sass docs:

:nested :expanded :compact :compressed

The reason it matters, for example, If you're using Sinatra, you set the sass options totally differently:

set :sass, :style => :compact # default Sass style is :nested
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Hi, thanks for your help so far! I'm very new to Ruby but I think it is rails that I'm running. I used the rubyinstaller.org for windows and then ran the gem command to install haml. I now use sass from the ruby command prompt to watch .scss files. I am not sure where I am supposed to to the 'setting' of the style? Do you go into the environment.rb file or run a set style command from the command prompt? I just ran this: set :sass, :style => :compact and that didn't change the out put. Thanks in advance! –  hallodom Apr 20 '11 at 10:22

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