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I am looking at an old VB6 ActiveX .dll that has the unattended execution and retained in memory check boxed grayed out. I found out that happens when a form is attached to the project. I removed the form, yet the boxes remain grayed out.

What do I have to do to make them click-able?

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You don't have the debugger running, do you? Did you change the project type to allow adding the form? – jlnorsworthy Apr 18 '11 at 22:16
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I've just tried this with a brand new VB6 ActiveX dll project and you're right that the unattended exectution box is grayed-out after a form is added, but the box is enabled again as soon as the form is removed.

The project was as simple as you can get - a single class and a single form, so I don't know if there are any other elements in your project that will keep the check box grayed out.

Update: I've just tried this the other way round. I enabled unattended execution to see what I then cannot add to the project. This includes:

  • Form
  • User Control
  • Property Page
  • User Document
  • Data Report
  • Components (Ctrl-T)
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I actually just found the answer here:

I went through the components of the project and found that there was one. Once I unchecked the component and then commented out all the code that the application was referencing for that component, then the checkbox became clickable.

Now I have to figure out if we can remove that component out of this particular .dll

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