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I have looked around but couldn't find an appropiate solution.

I have this string

$area = array("Some Text area 1", "Some Text area 2", "Some Text area 33", "Some Text area 40")

I want to construct a preg_replace that would remove the word "area" and the 1 or 2 digit number that follows.

I can do this to remove "area 1"

$area = preg_replace('/area 1/','', $area);

I can keep repeating this to remove other matches but it's not very efficiant.

Can I remove the pattern with just one preg_replace?

Thanks in advance

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$area = preg_replace('/area [0-9]+/','', $area);

Will remove all matches which have the text 'area' followed by a number.

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Excellent. Thank You. – jamester Apr 18 '11 at 22:09

Specify atleast one digit with:
preg_replace('/area [0-9]+/','', $area);

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Do you also want to remove the space right before the word "area"? The code for that would be:

$area = preg_replace('/ area \d+/', '', $area);
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Don't need to remove the space, but good to know anyway. Thanks. – jamester Apr 18 '11 at 22:20

Came across this post while searching for something similar: replace multiple terms in a text string.

So, for example I was making a automatically generated drop down select, and the options were based on filenames and I needed to load the filenames and generate a human readable filename as well.

My files were named: temp_Event_Name.php

So I had to remove the "temp", "_", and the ".php" so that there would be a selectable option, the value would be the filename to be passed onto a subsequent form which would use the file to generate a PDF.

 <option value="temp_Event_Name_2011.php">Event 1</option>
 <option value="temp_Event_Name_2012.php">Event 2</option>

What I found was to use str_replace.

So the full code would be:

$i = 0;
foreach( $files as $d ){
    $file_and_name .= '<option value="'.$files[$i].'">'.str_replace('temp','',str_replace('_',' ',str_replace('.php','',$d) ) )."</option>\n";

Where $files is an array with the filenames, which I obtained through:

$files = array();
$files = glob("temp_*.php");

Obviously extra formatting is needed to get it into the html I've proposed, but that's easy. Hope it helps @jamester or anyone else who comes across this.

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