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I'm developing in Django on Windows XP using the manage.py runserver command to serve files. Apache isn't involved. When I login to the administration and try to delete a file I get a "SuspiciousOperation" error.

Here's the traceback:

Here's my full model:

How can I get rid of this "SuspiciousOperation" error?

EDIT: Here are my media settings:

MEDIA_ROOT = 'C:/Server/Projects/postnzb/static/'
MEDIA_URL = '/static/'
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What is your MEDIA_ROOT in settings.py? From the back-trace, it seems you have set your MEDIA_ROOT to /static/.

This error is coming since Django is trying to access /static/ to which it has no access. Put an absolute pathname for MEDIA_ROOT like C:/Documents/static/ and give full permissions to Django to access that directory.

That should solve your problem.

Addendum: Since your MEDIA_ROOT seems to be OK, I am guessing that you are using MEDIA_URL for deleting the file instead of MEDIA_ROOT. Indeed, from the error it seems that Django was trying to access the /static/files/8.nzb and was denied access. Clearly, /static/ is your MEDIA_URL and not your MEDIA_ROOT. The model methods should never try accessing the files using the MEDIA_URL. I am sure a review of your code will spot the error.

Update: I skimmed your code and it seems you are setting File.nzb to %(1)sfiles/%(2)s.nzb' % {'1': settings.MEDIA_URL, '2': self.pk} which uses its MEDIA_URL and then in the delete() method you are calling the delete() method of the super-class of File as super(File, self).delete() which is obviously wrong as it will try deleting File.nzb and will try accessing the file through the MEDIA_URL. Fixing that will get rid of the error. I will leave the exact solution as an exercise to you :)

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I've added my media settings to my question description. MEDIA_ROOT is, in fact, an absolute path. – Ty. Feb 20 '09 at 20:17
I have edited my answer a bit. Check again. – Baishampayan Ghose Feb 20 '09 at 20:22
Thanks for helping my though this issue. Turns out you were completely correct. "File.nzb" ether has to be a full path or a relative path that doesn't start with the forward slash. Since I'm going to deploy on a NIX server, I'll use relative paths. Thanks again! – Ty. Feb 20 '09 at 20:50

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