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I am creating a Playbook app in Adobe Flex/AIR.

I have a situation where there is too much content to show all on one page so I would like it where the content overflows vertically, the user can swipe to scroll down, like they were viewing a website on an Ipad.

I am extending the View class to make my screens, I could place every screen in a one element List or surround it all in a Scroller but surely there must be an inbuilt way to do this on the Playbook?

With the limited Blackberry documentation, I'm struggling to find the solution, any ideas?


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I'm developing my own Blackberry Playbook app myself. Here's some advice:

  1. Take a look at the List View options available. You might be interested in using a TileList
  2. Review listening for Swipe Events to update the position of your List (be it TileList or SectionList).
  3. Check out the Blackberry Tablet documentation. It's not that limited!
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