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I have this model:

class Coupon < ActiveRecord::Base

  default_scope order(:created_at)
  scope :inactive, where(:active => false)


I'm seeing some weird duplication of the ORDER BY clause when using the inactive scope:

> Coupon.scoped.to_sql
 => "SELECT `coupons`.* FROM `coupons` ORDER BY `coupons`.`created_at`" 
> Coupon.inactive.to_sql
 => "SELECT `coupons`.* FROM `coupons` WHERE (`coupons`.`active` = 0) ORDER BY `coupons`.`created_at`, `coupons`.`created_at`"

This one really has me scratching my head. I'm using the MetaWhere gem if that's relevant.

Update: I've isolated this to a MetaWhere bug. Doesn't happen with vanilla ActiveRecord.

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Bundler was pulling down meta_where Upgrading to ~> 1.0 fixes the issue.

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