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I have a variable (result) that looks like this when doing YAML::dump(result):

  status: 0
  QTime: 1
    wt: ruby
    q: enid:(15542697739)
  numFound: 1
  start: 0
  - enid: "15542697739"

I want to do a conditional comparison on the enid like this:

if result["response"]["docs"]["enid"].to_i == num['1']['car']

where num['1']['car'] is an integer.

Whenever I attempt this, I get a TypeError thrown,

can't convert String into Integer

even if I attempt




How do I get my enid value converted to an integer so I can make this comparison?

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The problem is that what's in result["response"]["docs"] is NOT a hash and you're addressing it like one. What you need in this case is result["response"]["docs"][0]["enid"]. If you want to see why, try p result["response"] to see what Ruby data structures are being used at each level. YAML can be a little misleading here even if you've been reading it a while.

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Great! Thanks Peter! Just right. Tried with the [0] term and that works. Hope this helps others as well! – Sly Apr 19 '11 at 21:37

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