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I'm making a multi-page poll. I have a database that has a column called page and each page has a 4 questions. After the user answers all the questions on a page, she clicks "Next" and goes to the next page.

I can query the database to figure out the # of pages that I need to generate, but I'm not sure how to loop the template rendering process.

Here's my code:

The users enters:

def index(request):
latest_poll_list = Poll.objects.filter(page=1)
t = loader.get_template('index.html')
c = Context({
    'latest_poll_list': latest_poll_list,
return HttpResponse(t.render(c))

...which generates this template:


<form action="/first/vote/" method="post">
{% csrf_token %}
{% for poll in latest_poll_list %}
    <li>{{ poll.question }}</li>
        {% for choice in poll.choice_set.all %}
            <input type="radio" name="choice{{ }}" id="{{}}choice{{ forloop.counter }}" value="{{ }}" />
            <label for="choice{{ forloop.counter }}">{{ choice.choice }}</label><br />
        {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}
    <input type="submit" value="Vote" />


...the user's selection is then processed here:

def vote(request):
intra_page_key = request.POST['choice1']+','+request.POST['choice2']+','+request.POST['choice3']
request.session['p1'] = intra_page_key
return HttpResponse(request.session['p1'])

How do I repeat this sequence for page 2 of my poll?

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You may want to take a look at FormWizard

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(r'^(?P<pollid>\d*)/$', 'app.views.index'),
def index(request, pollid):    
    latest_poll_list = Poll.objects.filter(page=pollid)
    t = loader.get_template('index.html')
    c = Context({
        'latest_poll_list': latest_poll_list,
    return HttpResponse(t.render(c))

also it would be good to read up on shortcut "get or 404"

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