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What is required for an app to run as a System app? What needs to be requested from the device vendor? Does the process change if the device is rooted and the app is to call a method on PowerManager or other system management classes that affect the device?

I am able to call to set brightness but not do operations like put the device in sleep mode etc.

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You have to sign your application with system key , see this thread How to compile Android Application with system permissions

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If anyone knows how versions of android effect this please indicate is this different in 1.6 vs. 2.1 and above? I am targeting 2.1 only. – Androider Apr 19 '11 at 3:00
I think you can use minSdkversion for 1.6 and can still target 2.1. – yogsma Apr 19 '11 at 3:02

System permissions such as access to PowerManager need the application to be signed with the platform key besides giving android.permission.POWERMANAGER or a similar permission in the manifest.

As far as signing with the platform key is concerned, we can do that by building the entire firmware with the application included.

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java -jar signapk.jar platform.x509.pem platform.pk8 bin/TestApp-unsigned.apk bin/TestApp.apk
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