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I have written a function template for serialization of enums to/from our stream class (Yes, I know boost::serialization, but it is not an option in my situation). Enums by convention in our company are serialized as int:

template<typename T>
Stream& operator<<( Stream& s, T const& value )
    s << ( int ) value;

template<typename T>
Stream& operator>>( Stream& s, T & value )
    int v;
    s >> v;
    value = (T) v;

These are simple templates, and they work nicely also in my function templates for (de)serializing a vector of enumeration items. I'm worried though that they are overly generic, i.e. that they get applied also for types T that are not enums but can be cast to/from an int. Can I improve the enum-serialization templates (or maybe the vector-serialization templates) to make sure they only apply to vectors of enums?

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There are two improvements to be made here: not always serializing as int (not all enums are), but as whatever the underlying type is. And, as your request, to only accept enums.

The latter is easily solved with std::enable_if and std::is_enum:

typename std::enable_if<std::is_enum<T>::value, Stream&>::type
    operator<<( Stream& s, T const& value )

// and likewise for operator>>

And for the former, do the following inside the function:

Stream& operator<<( Stream& s, T const& value )
    typedef typename std::underlying_type<T>::type safe_type;
    s << static_cast<safe_type>(value);

// and likewise for operator>>

This requires C++0x.

If that's not an option, both enable_if and is_enum can be found within Boost. However, I think you'll need to make underlying_type yourself. (And of course, in the worse case you can do all three yourself, though is_enum can be a pain, if I recall correctly.)

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