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I'm trying to get my own hometown info from my profile, but it always returns null. However, when I got the graph API ( for my account, it returns there.

Here's my code:

    SocialMatchUser model = new SocialMatchUser();
        var authClient = new FacebookOAuthClient(FacebookApplication.Current)
            AppId = appId,
            AppSecret = appSecret,
            RedirectUri = new Uri(redirectUrl)

        dynamic token = authClient.ExchangeCodeForAccessToken(Request.QueryString["code"]);
        var client = new FacebookClient(token.access_token);            
        dynamic me = client.Get("me");

        model.ID = Convert.ToInt64(;
        model.FullName =;
        model.FirstName = me.first_name;
        model.LastName = me.last_name;
        model.Link =;
        model.UserName = me.username;
        model.Gender = me.gender;
        model.Locale = me.locale;
        model.Birthday = me.birthday;

        if (me.hometown!= null)
            model.HometownId = Convert.ToInt64(;
            model.Hometown =;

        return View(model);

Am I missing something in my request or original auth call to allow access to this extra user info?

Thanks! -Jason

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You need to request extended permissions to read out the hometown.

You can find details here:

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That's perfect, exactly what I was looking for! – JasonA Apr 19 '11 at 12:24

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