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    void fun1(int x)

void fun2(int x)
void fun3(int x)
int st=0;// to indicate the function count
int main()

   //comment here


comment is as

after GLCD initialisation i have to call above functions.So, now my problem is...take a condition..if st=3 then i have to execute fun2,fun3,fun4,fun5 ..with condition statements i can..but with the help of st value i have call those functions directly..for that i am using assembly language so that we can give our function address to PC i am facing a problem with passing parameters..once we made a call to function by giving the base address of that perticular function to can i pass the parameters to those functions with along with the direct call...

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This depends completely on your system: some system pass the parameters register only, some in stack, some mix (e.g. only small or first values in regs).

See as reference Arm Procedure Call Standard

If you are unsure how your system handle it, just dissassemble a procedure call to one of your functions, to see how it is done.

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