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I am working with the webtest plugin as functional test component for grails. It works fine, but is very slow - the whole application has poor response times (>1min per page) when under test. My feeling is that this is because the app, canoo webtest and the IDE (netbeans) are running in one JVM when I start my test through the IDE (test-app functional:)

So my goal is now to deploy the app to a stand-alone tomcat and run my tests against this tomcat instance.

I googled and found an old option -nostart for webtest which seem to be outdated.

So I googled some more and found the -baseUrl=http://... option in the current documentation. The docs say that with this option, the app will not be started and all tests will run against this baseUrl. But when I give it a try, grails still tries to start up jetty (at least, I get an error message saying that the port 8080 is already in use).

Any ideas? I am already thinking about using webtest stand-alone, but I like the groovy syntax of the plugin...

I'm using grails 1.3.4

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You could try interactive mode as mentioned here: Can I run grails integration & functional tests against a running server?

If the -baseUrl option isn't working then I'd raise a JIRA issue.



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ah! one comment in your link states that -baseUrl is working from 1.3.5 on. I use 1.3.4 - maybe I should upgrade :-) –  rdmueller Apr 19 '11 at 14:12

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