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I would like to send but especially receive serial communication using the RS-232 standard. I would like to write a python program to receive data and then write it to files when they come down the line.

How do i write a program in Python to block while waiting for data to arrive instead of spinning in a loop and checking?

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Try pySerial

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+1 for PySerial. Use it at work and it's never faulted us. –  TyrantWave Apr 19 '11 at 7:11


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Use this code:

def read_data():
    data = ser.read(1)
    if data:
        n = ser.inWaiting()
        if n > 0: data += ser.read(n)
        return data

ser = serial.Serial(...)
print read_data()

You can experiment with timeout param for make the function more efficient.

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