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I learn Python, and bumped into interesting thing: I try to write lambda-function, which will search the pattern in the string, and return result if found matching, otherwise empty string. What I already have wrote:

>>> b = lambda x:"_\w+_", x).group(0) if"_\w+_", x) is not None else ''

If my string has only one match - this works ok, but I don't know how can I return dict with my results if string contain more than one match in the passed string. Example:

>>> b('sdsd _sdsd_ sdsd sdsd _sssssssss_')

Or tell me please, how can I write that lambda better? UPD Oh, sorry, I forgot: I do it in Python 2.7

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Don't write it at all.

>>> re.findall("_\\w+_", 'sdsd _sdsd_ sdsd sdsd _sssssssss_')
['_sdsd_', '_sssssssss_']
>>> re.findall("_\\w+_", '')
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