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Consider the following:

In[1]:= HoldComplete[With[{line=a},Null]]
Out[1]= HoldComplete[With[{line=a},Null]]
Out[2]= {a,line,line$}
Out[3]= {{},{},{Temporary}}
During evaluation of In[1]:= Remove::rmnsm: There are no symbols matching
"line$". >>
Out[4]= {Null,Null,Null}

One can see that Remove::rmnsm message appear although the temporary Symbol line$ still exists up the that moment. Why this happens?

P.S. I am using Mathematica 7.01. In v.5.2 this message does not appear.

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I think what is happening is when you remove the Symbol line then there are no further references to the temporary variable line$ and so it is automagically removed.

In[1]:= HoldComplete[With[{line=a},Null]]
Out[1]= HoldComplete[With[{line=a},Null]]
Out[2]= {a,line,line$}
Out[3]= {{},{},{Temporary}}

In[4]:= Remove["line"]

In[5]:= Names["`*"]
Out[5]= {a}

This was tested in Mma v8. So maybe the reference counting (or the implementation of localization) has changed slightly since v5?

Note that if you try to remove the temporary symbol first, you get quite an informative warning:

In[6]:= HoldComplete[With[{line=a},Null]]
Out[6]= HoldComplete[With[{line=a},Null]]
Out[7]= {a,line,line$}
Out[8]= {{},{},{Temporary}}
During evaluation of In[6]:= Remove::relex: Cannot remove lexical symbol 
   line$ except automatically (when line is removed). >>
Out[9]= {Null,Null,Null}
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Thank you for the explanation. In version 5.2 the symbol line$ is not created: Hold@Evaluate@With[{line = a}, Names["`*"]] gives Hold[{"a", "line"}] while in version 7.01 it gives Hold[{"a", "line", "line$"}]. But without Hold or HoldComplete Mathematica 7.01 does not create the symbol line$. Why? –  Alexey Popkov Apr 19 '11 at 9:15
I think that maybe With always creates such variables, but they are removed upon its normal termination. If something (such as Hold or Trace) stops the With from proceeding as normal then the temporary variable is not removed. But hopefully someone from WRI will come along and say what's really going on.... –  Simon Apr 19 '11 at 10:54
@Alexey when I evaluate Hold@Evaluate@With[{line = a}, Names["`*"]] from a fresh kernel, I get: Hold[{"a", "line"}] –  Mr.Wizard Apr 19 '11 at 15:51
@Mr.Wizard That was my mistake. Hold@With[{line = a}, Null]; Names["*"]` gives {"a", "line", "line$"}. –  Alexey Popkov Apr 19 '11 at 18:23
@Alexey, on a clean kernel Hold@With[{line = a}, Null]; Names["`*"] gives me {"a", "line"} –  Mr.Wizard Apr 19 '11 at 18:27

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