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Given the following dropdown:

<select id="my-dropdown" name="my-dropdown">
  <option value="1">Peter</option>
  <option value="2" selected>Pan</option>

I know I can get the value (2 here) of the current selection using this code:


But how can I get the name/ label (Pan here) of the current selection? The following code does not work:


Thanks :)

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You can use css3 selectors to find the selected item,


and call the 'text' method on the element to get the text.



find_field('#my-dropdown option[selected]').text
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This will only work if the "selected" attribute is explicitly set on one of the option elements. A foolproof way to do it would be to find the selectedIndex of the dropdown and then use the :nth-child pseudo-selector to grab the currently selected option (which would be selectedIndex + 1) –  Travis Kaufman Aug 1 '13 at 20:15
I did not debug it but find_field did not work with capybara 2.3.0. find('#my-dropdown option[selected]').text worked fine –  21croissants Nov 13 '14 at 20:14

While other answers came close, they did not seem to work with Capybara 1.1.2 (the version that I'm using). With that version I found that the following approach worked, but only because I knew what the value "should" be.

#based on Capybara::Node::Actions#select
def find_select_option(select_finder, option_finder)
  no_select_msg = "cannot select option, no select box with id, name, or label '#{select_finder}' found"
  no_option_msg = "cannot select option, no option with text '#{option_finder}' in select box '#{select_finder}'"
  select = find(:xpath, XPath::HTML.select(select_finder), :message => no_select_msg)
  select.find(:xpath, XPath::HTML.option(option_finder), :message => no_option_msg)

find_select_option('Countries', 'United States').should be_selected
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If you prefer using labels you can chain a find:

find_field('My Dropdown').find('option[selected]').text

The find searches within the context of the find_field.

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This only works for default options, not when the input changes. –  Luca Spiller Apr 20 '12 at 10:32

Based on the answer by M. Scott Ford I was able to come up with the following function (where field is a id)

  def field_should_have_value(field, value)
    element = @session.find_field(field)
    if !element
      throw "field_should_have_value(#{field}, #{value}) - unable to fine field: #{field}"

    # Question: is there any other way of doing: if element[:nodeName] == "select"
    option = element.has_selector?("option") && element.find(:xpath, XPath::HTML.option(value))
    if option
      if element.value != value && option.text != value
        throw "field_should_have_value(#{field}, #{value}) - value does not match. Expected: #{value}. Got element.value: #{element.value} || option.text: #{option.text}"
    elsif element.value != value
      throw "field_should_have_value(#{field}, #{value}) - value does not match. Expected: #{value}. Got element.option.text: #{option.text}"
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