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I've one more question. I have a view which is containing an "add" link. Everytime I press this link a partial view should be added dynamically (for example with jQuery).

I've tried to do that by this way:

 $('#Div1').load('<%= Url.Action( "Video", "ddd", new { id = "1", url="ko" } ) %>');

But this method do not add a partial it just replace the content of "Div1" with the partial.

When I try:

$('#Div1').append('<%= Url.Action( "Video", "ddd", new { id = "1", url="ko" } ) %>');

there is something added to my Div but no partial view. Just the path of the partial view is added: /de/Market/ddd/Video/1?url=ko

My code in the controller looks like this:

public ActionResult Video(string url, int id)
            ViewModels.Video v = new Video();
            v.URL = url;
            v.ID_Video = id;
            return PartialView("Video", v);


Any ideas how to solve this problem? (I'm using MVC2)

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You can add your dynamically loaded content wrapped in individual divs to #Div1 as a container:

$('<div>').appendTo('#Div1').load('<%= Url.Action( "Video", "ddd", new { id = "1", url="ko" } ) %>');
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Thanks tha was what I'm was looking for!!! –  HW90 Apr 19 '11 at 9:59



This should help.

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You mean $('#Div1').append(...) –  sscirrus Apr 19 '11 at 9:52

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