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I am trying to create a branch off of trunk in my project and Tortoise tells me that "access to '/svn/el_dev/!svn/bc/4656/trunk' forbidden". Does anyone have a clue about what this means and what I am doing wrong? I have verified that none of my colleagues are comitting and I have tried to create the branch at a number of different occasions with the same result.

Thank you!

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I had exactly the same kind of error today (that is why I found this question on StackOverflow). It turned out that I did not have read access to one of the subdirectories I wanted to branch, after an accidental change to authz.

So probably you do not have read access to one of the trunk directories.

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Yes, that appears to be the problem. Thanks! (Sorry for the tardy response) – jokki Aug 24 '11 at 8:51

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