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I'm looking for some CDN where I can setup certificate for httpS

I have and I need that all files from hosted on amazon servers

quick look showed me that I cannot setup own httpS certificate for custom domain bucket on S3 - is this correct ?

Can Amazon CloudFront do this ?

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Well, appears that is not posible

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Well, I think it can be done. You cannot put a custom domain https on cloud front but on S3 you can. You can have as your S3 - You just need to do some DNS Editing. Search google - Cheers! – foxybagga Jan 13 '13 at 8:34

Might be relevant. But as of today, AWS offers the ability to upload a custom SSL certificate. $600 / month. More details on their page:

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Yes, you can serve a CloudFront distribution over HTTPS with a custom domain now.

Amazon recently rolled out a new feature that supports custom SSL certificates at no charge using SNI (Server Name Indication):

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