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I am using simple tooltip js script from here:

in using description there is defined:

<img id="the_image"
onmouseover="xstooltip_show('tooltip_123', 'the_image', 0, 0);"

so position of tooltip is on the left top of the screen (0,0 position)

function xstooltip_show(tooltipId, parentId, posX, posY)

Positions the element whose id is tooltipId (the tooltip) at location (posX, posY) relative to the top left corner of the element whose id is parentId (the owner of the tooltip).

Here is my usage example:

When you are mouse-over on the LINK between nodes, tooltip is posioned on X=0 Y=0 of the screen.

I need tooltip on mouse-position (above of the element).

You can download my example and implement it to zip file and send me back to

thank you for your replies

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Why dont you start using jQuery it has lots of cool tooltip plugins with the options you want – anu Apr 19 '11 at 10:10
I need to edit this one, because it has separated <DIV> for each element – Michal Mike Hudák Apr 19 '11 at 10:48

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