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I have deployed an openEJB.war in a Tomcat container. I have deployed an EJB in the /webapps folder of Tomcat. When I call the ejb via HTTP it works fine :

props.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, "http://localhost:8080/openejb/ejb");

I would like to use ejbd protocol instead of http but I don't know how to do this. If I replace http://localhost:8080/openejb/ejb by ejbd://localhost:4201/ or ejbd://localhost:8080/ it doesn't work. I think Tomcat doesn't provide any ejbd listener. If I deploy my EJB on openEJB standalone server, it works fine.

Do you know how can I fix this?


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For provider url we use


Also, you may need to review this page to setup all necessary properties and configuration: http://openejb.apache.org/3.0/embedded-and-remotable.html

Especially, set openejb.embedded.remotable to true

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