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Hello I have repeating table on my infopath form. It is bound with xml file through web service. my form have submit button. I am able to submit data from infopath for to xml document via web service. I want to validate my repeating table to avoid duplicate records. how to do this validation. ? please guide me I am new for this.

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in fact I want to check the current inserting row in already exist in repeating table or not. this is the core things. so expecting guidance to your Junior somehow :) – Liladhar Apr 19 '11 at 10:45
Any updates please ? – Liladhar Apr 22 '11 at 10:18
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You must use validation rule.

  1. You must select specific field of repeating table.
  2. Add validation rule to it.
  3. Select the expression and add rule:

     ../my:fzScopeName = ../preceding-sibling::my:fzItem/my:fzScopeName


    ../my:fzScopeName = ../following-sibling::my:fzItem/my:fzScopeName

Note that: My field name is fzScopeName and fzItem is parent it, as same repeating table structure. see this image

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