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I have writen a component named TMy_Panel.

It inherites from a Panel(TPanel) and after that some TComboBoxes(TComboBox) will include into the panel as children.

The component was implemented by using TCollection and TCollectionItems.

After Install TMy_Panel I faced some problems that mentioned below:

1) on DesignTime

Form1.BidiMode = bdRightToLeft and when I Paste My_Panel on Form1 the BidiMode property of All Comboboxes in the Panel are bdLeftToRight

but direction of all comboboxes are right to left. After Run the project I see All of Comboboxes are LeftToRight direction.

2) on DesignTime I add a new form (Form2) with inherited From TForm1 and I expect to see same behaviour from TMy_Panel but it dosen't work .

It seems The component dosen't permit the BIDIMODE Message Enter into the ComboBoxes .

Please help ME

the source is included


According to @John

unit My_Test;


uses Classes, StdCtrls, ExtCtrls ,Controls, Windows, Messages, Dialogs, Forms;


TMy_Panel = class;

TMy_ComboItem = class (TCollectionItem) private OwnerPanel: TMy_Panel; FCombo: TComboBox; FCaption: string; FBiDiMode: TBiDiMode; procedure SetBiDiMode(const Value: TBiDiMode); function GetBiDiMode: TBiDiMode; protected property Combo: TComboBox read FCombo; public Constructor Create( Collection: TCollection ); override; Destructor Destroy; override; procedure Assign(Source: TPersistent); override; function AddComboBox( Index: Integer ): TComboBox; published property Caption: string read FCaption write FCaption; property BiDiMode: TBiDiMode read GetBiDiMode write SetBiDiMode; end;

TMy_ComboItemClass = class of TMy_ComboItem;

TMy_ComboCollection = class ( TCollection ) private FOwner: TMy_Panel; function GetItem(Index: Integer): TMy_ComboItem; procedure SetItem(Index: Integer; const Value: TMy_ComboItem); procedure ArrangeCombos; protected function GetOwner: TPersistent; override; procedure Update(Item: TCollectionItem); override; public constructor Create(MyPanel: TMy_Panel; MyComboItemClass: TMy_ComboItemClass); property Items[Index: Integer]: TMy_ComboItem read GetItem write SetItem; default; end;

TMy_Panel = class(TCustomPanel) private FComboData: TMy_ComboCollection; procedure SetComboData(const Value: TMy_ComboCollection); procedure CMPARENTBIDIMODECHANGED(var Message: TMessage); message CM_PARENTBIDIMODECHANGED; protected function CreateColumns: TMy_ComboCollection; dynamic; public Constructor Create(AOwner :TComponent); override; Destructor Destroy; override; procedure CreateWnd; override; procedure ReArrangeCombos; published property ComboData: TMy_ComboCollection read FComboData write SetComboData; property BiDiMode; property ParentBiDiMode; end;

procedure Register;


uses SysUtils;

procedure Register; begin RegisterComponents('Puya', [ TMy_Panel ]); end;

{ TMy_ComboCollection }

function TMy_ComboCollection.GetItem(Index: Integer): TMy_ComboItem; begin Result := TMy_ComboItem(inherited Items[Index]); end;

procedure TMy_ComboCollection.SetItem(Index: Integer; const Value: TMy_ComboItem); begin Items[Index].Assign(Value); end;

procedure TMy_ComboCollection.ArrangeCombos; var i: Integer; begin for i:= 0 to Count-1 do Items[i].FCombo.Top := Items[i].Index*Items[i].FCombo.Height; end;

constructor TMy_ComboCollection.Create(MyPanel: TMy_Panel; MyComboItemClass: TMy_ComboItemClass); begin inherited Create( TMy_ComboItem ); FOwner := MyPanel; end;

function TMy_ComboCollection.GetOwner: TPersistent; begin Result := FOwner; end;

procedure TMy_ComboCollection.Update(Item: TCollectionItem); begin inherited; ArrangeCombos; end;

{ TMy_ComboItem } function TMy_ComboItem.AddComboBox(Index: Integer): TComboBox; var MasterPanel: TMy_Panel; begin MasterPanel := TMy_ComboCollection(Self.GetOwner).FOwner; FCombo := TComboBox.Create( MasterPanel ); FCombo.Parent := MasterPanel; FCombo.ParentBiDiMode := True; FCombo.Left := 0; FCombo.Top := Index * FCombo.Height; Result := FCombo; end;

procedure TMy_ComboItem.Assign(Source: TPersistent); begin if Source is TMy_ComboItem then begin if Assigned(Collection) then Collection.BeginUpdate; try

   Caption:=  TMy_ComboItem(Source).Caption;
   BiDiMode:=  TMy_ComboItem(Source).BiDiMode;

  if Assigned(Collection) then Collection.EndUpdate;

end else inherited Assign(Source); end;

constructor TMy_ComboItem.Create(Collection: TCollection); begin inherited Create(Collection); FCaption := 'Caption'+IntToStr(Index); FCombo := AddComboBox(Index); FCombo.ParentBiDiMode :=True; FCombo.Perform(CM_PARENTBIDIMODECHANGED,1,0); OwnerPanel := TMy_ComboCollection(Self.GetOwner).FOwner; end;

destructor TMy_ComboItem.Destroy; begin FCombo.Free; inherited; end;

function TMy_ComboItem.GetBiDiMode: TBiDiMode; begin Result:= FCombo.BiDiMode; end;

procedure TMy_ComboItem.SetBiDiMode(const Value: TBiDiMode); begin FCombo.BiDiMode := Value; end;

{ TMy_Panel }

constructor TMy_Panel.Create(AOwner: TComponent); begin inherited Create( AOwner ); Self.Height := 100; Self.Width := 250; FComboData := CreateColumns; end;

destructor TMy_Panel.Destroy; begin FComboData.Free; FComboData := nil; inherited; end;

procedure TMy_Panel.CreateWnd; begin inherited; Caption := ''; end;

procedure TMy_Panel.SetComboData(const Value: TMy_ComboCollection); begin FComboData.Assign(Value); end;

function TMy_Panel.CreateColumns: TMy_ComboCollection; begin Result := TMy_ComboCollection.Create(Self, TMy_ComboItem); end;

procedure TMy_Panel.ReArrangeCombos; var i: Integer; begin for i:= 0 to ComboData.Count-1 do ComboData.Items[i].FCombo.Top := ComboData.Items[i].Index*ComboData.Items[i].FCombo.Height; end;

procedure TMy_Panel.CMPARENTBIDIMODECHANGED(var Message: TMessage); begin inherited ; ReArrangeCombos; end;


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You don't you use Frames? –  Johan Apr 19 '11 at 11:05
+1 Frames is a good approach here. –  Clóvis Valadares Junior Apr 19 '11 at 12:02
Some tips: Get rid of FBiDiMode in TMy_ComboItem and use a Get method to obtain it from FCombo (no point duplicating this - it just adds confusion). For debugging create a simple form that adds a TMy_Panel pragmatically on a button click, i.e. not with the designer, so you can step through the code in the debugger to see exactly how and when the BiDiMode is being updated. –  John Pickup Apr 19 '11 at 12:03
Tahnk you for you help and Please Post your comment as a seperate answer so I can confirm your answer –  naser daneshi Apr 20 '11 at 7:59

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