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I have a Liferay setup on the Tomcat6. I used Log4j initially for portlets/webapps by adding log4j.properties file in the classes folder and log4j.jar file in the web-inf/lib.

Now we have few quartz jobs which are available in the tomcat/lib folder and I want to enable log4j logging for these jobs as well.

For these quartz jobs I have copied same log4j.properties file in the tomcat/lib.

With the new configuration I keep getting the following error:

Could not instantiate appender named "JOBS"
A "org.apache.log4j.RollingFileAppender" is not assignable a "org.apache.log4j.Appender" variable.
The class "org.apache.log4j.Appender" was loaded by ...

How to remove this error?

Is there any way I can keep a single log4j.properties file which can be used by both shared/lib as well as portlet/webapps.

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According to this post the problem is that you have configured your log4j twice.

My solution would be that you create the logger instance like this

private static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(FooBar.class.getName());

and not to have log4j.properties under any lib or class folder but having it under a folder named resources.

AFAIK this should be a place where the both parts of your application may have access to.

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the 'resources' folder you mention, is a new folder, created under '[Portlet Dir]/docroot/WEB-IF/src' or somewhere else ? Also, do you include log4j.jar, under 'WEB-INF/lib' for each portlet? – yannicuLar Jul 3 '13 at 10:58
mkyong.com/spring/quick-start-maven-spring-example tells the properties file location. liferay.com/web/brett.swaim/blog/-/blogs/… is a solution for Liferay, somehow different than I have, but tells the location of jars. Having not Liferay, you may put them to WEB-INF/lib, as kaushalksinha.blogspot.fi/2009/10/… suggests. Hope this gave more insight. – mico Jul 3 '13 at 16:44

Known issue in Liferay: http://issues.liferay.com/browse/LPS-9376

In my case, the problem occurred once I started to use ServiceBuilder services, and added Log4J Logger to one of my ...LocalServiceImpl classes. Once I removed Log4J logging from there everything got back to norm - exception disappeared.

(I made service methods throw exceptions, and was catching them in a code not related to ServiceBuilder read/generated classes, but it could also be done by changing Log4J logger calls to Liferay's LogUtil calls).

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i am not development in plugin environment so this is could not be the possible solution. however thanks for the answer and this might help me some other time. – dhaval Jun 13 '11 at 11:52

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