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i using wxWidgets with c++. i have a wxTextCtrl in which user inputs a set of bytes in hex format divided by space. i want to get them in unsigned char array. how can i from string like "AB D3 4F A A1 0B" get the next array: [171, 211, 79, 10, 161, 11]?

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I would use wxStringTokenizer to break up the string into individual hexes, then sscanf to convert them into numeric values.

Something like this:

std::vector<unsigned char> vec;
wxStringTokenizer tkz(thetextCtrl->GetValue(), wxT(" "));
while ( tkz.HasMoreTokens() )
    wxString token = tkz.GetNextToken();
    unsigned char v;
    vec.push_back( v );
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You can also use boost::tokenizer to split string into tokens and this to convert string values to hex values.

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