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I need a solution that can parse a date string but replaced with a language string of different languages, e.g.


$lang['day']['monday'] = 'Monday';
$lang['day']['tuesday'] = 'Tuesday';
$lang['day']['wednesday'] = 'Wednesday';
// and so on...

$lang['month']['january'] = 'January';
$lang['month']['february'] = 'February';
$lang['month']['april'] = 'April';
// and so on...

I need the language string to be passed through a date/strftime function, but not only English will be passed along but other languages too (when they are selected). So if a different language is selected, the language strings will be changed into the selected language. For example, French:

$lang['day']['monday'] = 'Lundi';
$lang['day']['tuesday'] = 'Mardi';
$lang['day']['wednesday'] = 'Mercredi';
// and so on...

$lang['month']['january'] = 'Janvier';
$lang['month']['february'] = 'Février';
$lang['month']['april'] = 'Avril';

So when using a format like this: date('l dS F Y - g:iA') it should parse like this:

Mardi 11th Avril 2011 - 12:22PM 

I'm not using setlocale for this, because I have custom language strings, so I'm in the need for something very different from using setlocale and parsing with selected language strings.

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Could you just use str_replace() on the string returned using the English to Other Language mapping?

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Zend uses language xml files with their Zend_Date classes. This is a good solution to the problem you are facing. Another option is doing it yourself.

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