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I am using JQuery to animate a panel system menu. The problem is that there are 5 panels and I cannot set the panel left: attribute directly as it needs to calculate it based on its current position. My script should explain.

$('.panel').animate({left: '-250'}, 300);

So this is fine as on the first click it slides the first panel out of the view and the second panel into view. On a click in the second panel however it will not slide to the third panel as it is telling all the panels .panel to move to left:-250. I want it to work out what the current left:?? is of .panel and then add a further -250 to animate.

That way if left:0 we are on the first panel and on a click we will go to left:-250. On click on the second panel it will add -250 + -250 and animate to -500 etc.. etc...

Any ideas?

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The alternative is to use the operator: -= or += as per the demo on the .animate() page which can be seen here. –  Scoobler Apr 19 '11 at 12:17

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You need to get the position using offset or offset parent.



Something like this; (not tested)

    var offset = $('.panel').offset();
    var newpos = [offset.left - 250]
    $('.panel').animate({left: newpos}, 300);
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Marvellous, that did it –  Robin Knight Apr 19 '11 at 12:12

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