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I am new to ITIM. I am working on an application in JAVA. I want to authorize users based on groups they are assigned to. How can I do that?

Is there any api that can fetch user roles/groups by which I can authorize them?

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The system user will have an attribute of ‘erroles’ through which we can get information of user groups/Roles.

Get DistinguishedName from Person object. Make PersonMO object having constructor like new PersonMO(platform, subject, person.getDistinguishedName());

Make new AccountManager(platform, subject);

This will give accounts collection accountManager.getAccounts(personMO, LocaleCreator.getLocale());

Get getSystemUserDN(userId);. PersonDao class will help in getting this.

Make new SystemUserMO(m_platform, m_subject, new DistinguishedName(systemUserDN));

Get the roles/Groups from systemUserMO.getData().getRoles()

Cheers Imran Tariq

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