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I'm trying to figure out how to make a signup process ala basecamphq or as many other SASS apps.

What I would like to do is when someone sign up they create an Account with info like this:
First name
Last name

And then the account owner can create users that belong to that account.

# user 
belongs_to :account

# account 
has_many :users
belongs_to :subscription_plan

# subscription_plan
has_many :accounts

Both the account owner and users needs to able to login using the same form.

What is the best strategy to accomplish the above?


Is this the "wright" way to do it or is there a better way?

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If you want users and account owner to login from the same form you should somehow check that logged in person belongs to accounts or users and then render proper page. Maybe you should create checkbox on login form, for example: "Single user" or something else to verify person's accessory. Or you can check in Accounts table for logged in user by email and if it exists - render proper page. (I chosen Accounts because it should be much smaller then Users table :) )

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Thank you for your feedback. –  andkjaer Apr 19 '11 at 20:25

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