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Hi there fellows I've just begun developing using Linq as well as interface. I followed Mr Kajmal Raj's article

All's up and working however I now need to implement either two calendars or datepickers and cannot figure it out on my own, sadly!

So what I've got:

ClientRepository.cs strong text

public class ClientRepository : iClientRepository
    // IQueryable of all Clients
    public IQueryable<PSG_PROJECTSModel.CSP_GLOBAL_CLOSED_2011> getClosedSRs()
        var dataContext = new PSG_PROJECTSModel.CsprEntities();
        var clients = from c in dataContext.CSP_GLOBAL_CLOSED_2011
                      select c;
        return clients;
/// <summary>
/// IQueryable of Clients projected 
/// into the ClientViewModel class
/// </summary>
/// <returns></returns>
public IQueryable<ClientViewModel> getClientsProjected(string __ACCOUNT)
    var projectedClients = from c in getClosedSRs()
                           select new ClientViewModel
                               _ACCOUNT_ID_CSR = c.ACCOUNT_ID_CSR,
                               _ACCOUNT = c.ACCOUNT,
                               _CLOSED_ON_CSR = (DateTime)c.CLOSED_ON_CSR,
                               _OPENED_ON_CSR = (DateTime)c.OPENED_ON_CSR
//Filter on Client
        if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(__ACCOUNT) != true)

 projectedClients = projectedClients.Where(c => c._ACCOUNT == __ACCOUNT);
        return projectedClients;

public IQueryable<ParticularClientViewModel> getParticularClient()
    var dataContext = new CSPR_VIEW.ProjectsEntities();
    var partClient = from p in dataContext.CSPR_VIEW
                     select new ParticularClientViewModel
                         _ACCOUNT = p.ACCOUNT
        return partClient;

Then iClientRepository

public interface iClientRepository
    IQueryable<PSG_PROJECTSModel.CSP_GLOBAL_CLOSED_2011> getClosedSRs();

    IQueryable<ClientViewModel> getClientsProjected(string __ACCOUNT);

    IQueryable<ParticularClientViewModel> getParticularClient();


Then ParticularClientViewModel { public string _ACCOUNT { get; set; } }

and at last: ClientViewModel with all get/set variables.

Hope you can make any sense out of that.

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what is the particular question? – BrokenGlass Apr 19 '11 at 12:51
Sorry I forgot to mention I am on .net 3.5 using VS2008! – Jake Apr 19 '11 at 13:05
My question is how to implement 2 calendars/datepickers as filters in my ReportViewer! I found one interesting article (stackoverflow.com/questions/5700578/…) , however i am using interface and that's a bit tougher. – Jake Apr 19 '11 at 13:07
imagine exactly the same site as the one Raj created and add two calendars next to the existing 2 dropdowns. – Jake Apr 19 '11 at 13:08

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