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I have been given an excel document which contains information about different embassies, their contact numbers etc. Most of this information is in the database already, but I need to extract one column from this file (emails) and insert it into a specific column (emails) in the database.

Is this possible, or can you only import an exact copy of what you want in the database?

Thanks for any help

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I think you need to use load data and import emails into an empty table. Once you've done it, you can use an update query making a join with this table in order to update your original table. – Nicola Cossu Apr 19 '11 at 13:03
It is possible, for more help. Plz give more information with you... – Karthik Apr 19 '11 at 13:06
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Export the table from phpmyadmin as CSV for excel - 
drag it into excel - 
add the desired column - 
Save - 
export the table again from phpmyadmin as .sql - 
copy the table creation(Not the data) - 
delete the table from phpmyadmin- 
Run the table creation query so you now have a blank table - 
Import the excel csv.

IMPORTANT: backup your database

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You may want to make a script with php-excel-reader which goes throught every row in the file, and updates the corresponding database row. I don't think that you can import a file "selectively" in phpMyAdmin.

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