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I am currently working with WebSphere MQ FTE.

Let us consider the below scenario :

A is a unix server and there is a file in /test/file.txt

The file permission for this file is -rw-r--r--.

I want to change the permission of this file to -rw-rw-rw using an ant script (chmod task) which I should invoke from a server B(windows).

Is this possible?

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To do this as a WMQ FTE task you would use a Managed Call if the entire task was to change the permissions, or you would use a pre- or post-transfer call if you needed to change the permissions either before or after the transfer.

The call or task could directly execute chmod but that would require the sandbox to include a directory containing many potentially dangerous commands. It would be better to make a script that invoked chmod or a link to chmod and put the script or link in a dedicated bin directory sandboxed for the FTE agent.

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You can use the sshexec task:


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