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I have two models as x and y, such that:


class y < ActiveRecord::Base  
  belongs_to :x  


class X < ActiveRecord::Base  
  has_many :Ys

my controller will be:

def update
  @x = X.find(params[:id])

  @y = (params[:y])
  @y.each { |t| t.attributes = params[:y][t.id.to_s] }

  flash[:notice] = 'X was successfully updated.'
  redirect_to :action => 'edit'          

It's not updating the y data and giving error as:

undefined method `attributes=' for ["s", "1233"]:Array

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params[:y] looks to be an array of arrays; that is, for each instance of Y described in params, there's a separate array. Therefore when you do @y.each, you're iterating over a bunch of arrays, not a bunch of Ys.

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Try the way I mentioned in answer of this question.

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Hi Surya Thanks for replying, As I m using ruby on rails 2.0. If I use the given code its showing the following error: undefined method `accepts_nested_attributes_for' . i need to update from a single interface say as ( from bill's interface) according to the ur given solution. Please guide. –  sonia Apr 21 '11 at 5:58
@suketa-sharma cau you post your edit.html.erb file content, so we'll get to know that how you are creating :y instance in this case? –  Surya Apr 21 '11 at 7:41
accepts_nested_attributes_for is available only for rails 3.x.x version, that's why you are getting this error! –  Surya Apr 21 '11 at 7:42
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It seems that t is an array not an ActiveRecord object.

From your pseudo-code bug is here

@y = (params[:y])
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