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Here is the case.

I have a website built in mvc3 with custom CMS.

Is there any way by clicking a button from cms to reload the page of the website visitors?

For example, here in stackoverflow, if an admin from the backend pressed a button my page would reload automatically (or even a lightbox would appear, or redirect me to a different page).

Can we do that?

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With HTML5 you can use web workers to do this for you:

Without HTML5, you can set up some basic polling code in your javascript. It would call a method on the server that would tell it whether or not to reload. You can run this every 30 seconds let's say:

    var doRefresh = function(){
        $.get('checkForRefresh', function (data) { ... handle response ... });
    setInterval(doRefresh, 30000);

And then just have your checkForRefresh server side code read a value set by that CMS button.

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Forcing a reload on a button click boils down to something like this (using jQuery and javascript):

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function() {
        $('#Button1').click(function() {

The first answer on the following question shows two ways to refresh the page, one forcing a reload like above, and the second, much like @Milimetric describes in his answer: How to refresh/reload page once using jQuery?.

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