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I have a activerecord model called "game" with an paperclip attachment called "image". I have included and extended an extension in this model which have a before_save and some after_save callbacks which all return true.

The problem is, when I do a create or update on a game, the attachment get not saved on my s3 bucket, BUT the table columns are saved correctly.

So I always get the "NoSuchKey" exception on the attachment url.

I figured out that there must be a problem with my extension but the really strange thing is, that I can't reproduce this bug in any case on my local machine nor on another server also with s3.

I read dozens of lines of code from paperclip, aws-s3, rails and my own application but I couldn't find a mistake.

I also tested the bug with a current database dump locally but it still works there.

My question is now, what can cancel a attachment save transaction?

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just to be sure: is your bucket in the US? –  apneadiving Apr 19 '11 at 17:30
my bucket is on s3.amazonaws.com –  pseidemann Apr 19 '11 at 21:22
I bet :) but when you create it, you're asked the location of it. The aws gem only works with us based buckets –  apneadiving Apr 19 '11 at 21:24
You might have to include some code. Hard to tell what might be going wrong in your model or before/after hooks without code samples. –  Jack Chu Apr 28 '11 at 3:02

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There was this line in a seperate action in the controller which was called sometimes:


After I've removed it, the feature worked properly.

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