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Should I create a Git repo in project source folder or at upper level?


Method 1


Method 2 (under project folder)

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Second one. However, some people prefer to put sources in src directory. It is useful when your project gets more complex and you have to include docs, tests (you would put them in project directory, right next to src).

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The goal of versioning a project is to get back (from any state of its history), an operational state able to reproduce what you were doing with said project.

So if you can copy a specific directory and still get back a fully functioning project (whatever that project is), use that as a criteria to create your .git within that directory.

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+1 for trying to put some reasoning in there. There would be situations in which to decompose your projects into separate repositories, but I'll save that for another day; let the OP learn a bit :) – sehe Apr 19 '11 at 15:26
@sehe: you mean "system approach" vs. "component approach" (with git submodules)? ( Right, this is for level 2 ;) See as an intro, for a general context, or for a more concrete example. – VonC Apr 19 '11 at 15:54

You should put your Git repository at the deepest possible level that is a parent of the files and directories you want to manage with Git.

So, in your example, it would be method 2.

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