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my custom built gcc 4.6.0, installed in my home directory, on ubuntu 10.04, links the system libstdc++ instead of the custom built one, most of the time (as evidenced by ldd). to be more puzzling, using this newly built gcc, custom compiled openmpi libraries are linked correctly, and this is the only software i have compiled that behaves ok. does anybody have any explanation for this, or a workaround?


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Hmm.. Should check my gcc. I think the issue was in configuring a gcc, and can be checked in specs. To fix, you need change a rpath . There must be gcc option (in machine specs too) to set a default rpath. Can you post configure options of gcc you used? – osgx Apr 20 '11 at 23:07
possible duplicate of Linking g++ 4.8 to libstdc++ – Maxim Egorushkin Jun 21 '13 at 19:13

Isn't there an option to statically link the libstdc into the gcc when you configure it? --disable-shared if I understand how it works correctly. Worst case make another compile of gcc with that switch and see if you run into the issue.

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