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I have a repository queue manager say REPQMGR in a WebSphere MQ cluster. What mqsc command should i use on REPQMGR to get all the queue manager's list in the cluster. In specific i need to inquire a property value from all queue managers.

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This command will show you all the QMgrs in the cluster. You can also specify a particular attribute that you want to know about instead of using ALL.

If you are writing script, have a look at SupportPac MO72. This is a version of runmqsc that a) can operate as a client; b) has a number of useful formatting options; and c) also managed CCDT files.

In particular, you can tell MO72 to return results on a single line rather than the standard runmqsc two-column format. This means that a script can look for the object name and attribute name on the same output line rather than having to parse many lines for a single object.

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Thanks Rob. It worked and got what I want. – Vignesh Apr 19 '11 at 16:06

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