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For given Connection instance how do I find out url that the Connection uses to connect the database ? Is it somewhere in Properties returned by Connection.getClientInfo() method?

If there you need me to provide clearer description all comments are welcome. Thank you

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Connection has the getMetaData() to return DatabaseMetaData . DatabaseMetaData has the getURL() to return the URL for this DBMS.

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I believe you can use the DatabaseMetada object from the Connection and then get the URL. Try:

DatabaseMetaData dmd = connection.getMetaData();
String url = dmd.getURL();
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Inside the Connection object, you have an object of type DatabaseMetaData, it contains many informations about the database. Example:

Lucas de Oliveira gived you a good example of code.

And here is the documentation of the object : Interface DatabaseMetaData

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Welcome to SO. Please consider add a link to DatabaseMetaData javadoc. –  dic19 Oct 4 '13 at 18:42

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