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I am trying to make a Qt application which has an auto hiding menu bar. How can i do that?

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Can you give more detail about the effect you want to achieve? –  ypnos Apr 19 '11 at 16:09
I want menu bar to appear only when mouse cursor is between 0-50 pixels of program area vertically, if not then hide itself automatically. Like windows task bar auto hide function. –  Olcay Ertaş Apr 19 '11 at 18:28

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That's an interesting task ! Ok, lets see... I'd suggest you putting a code that keeps track of mouse cursor movement in QMainWindow::centralWidget(). You need to call QWidget::setMouseTracking(true) first to be able to keep track of your mouse movement (they are turned off by default). The code can look like this:

QMainWindow *mainWindow = new QMainWindow;
MyWidget * myWidget = new MyWidget(mainWindow);

And then in your widget QWidget::mouseMove() event you need to detect whether you are in the correct area. The code can look like this:

void MyWidget::mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent * event) {
    bool menuVisible = inCorrectArea(event->pos());

There are several ways to get access to "mainWindow" in your MyWidget. One of them is to store a pointer in MyWidget private variable when you pass MainWindow in its MyWidget constructor. You can also issue a signal from your MyWidget and handle it in MainWindow.

Hope this helps.

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