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I wish to get the fully qualified name of a file in R, given any of the standard notations. For example:

  • file.ext
  • ~/file.ext (this case can be handled by path.expand)
  • ../current_dir/file.ext
  • etc.

By fully qualified file name I mean, for example, (on a Unix-like system):


(Edited - use file.path and attempt Windows support) A crude implementation might be:

path.qualify <- function(path) {
  path <- path.expand(path)
  if(!grepl("^/|([A-Z|a-z]:)", path)) path <- file.path(getwd(),path)

However, I'd ideally like something cross-platform that can handle relative paths with ../, symlinks etc. An R-only solution would be preferred (rather than shell scripting or similar), but I can't find any straightforward way of doing this, short of coding it "from scratch".

Any ideas?

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I think you want normalizePath():

> setwd("~/tmp/bar")
> normalizePath("../tmp.R")
[1] "/home/gavin/tmp/tmp.R"
> normalizePath("~/tmp/tmp.R")
[1] "/home/gavin/tmp/tmp.R"
> normalizePath("./foo.R")
[1] "/home/gavin/tmp/bar/foo.R"

For Windows, there is argument winslash which you might want to set all the time as it is ignored on anything other than Windows so won't affect other OSes:

> normalizePath("./foo.R", winslash="\\")
[1] "/home/gavin/tmp/bar/foo.R"

(You need to escape the \ hence the \\) or

> normalizePath("./foo.R", winslash="/")
[1] "/home/gavin/tmp/bar/foo.R"

depending on how you want the path presented/used. The former is the default ("\\") so you could stick with that if it suffices, without needing to set anything explicitly.

On R 2.13.0 then the "~/file.ext" bit also works (see comments):

> normalizePath("~/foo.R")
[1] "/home/gavin/foo.R"
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Excellent, it even de-references symlinks - only problem being it doesn't seem to cover the ~/file.ext case. Easily accounted for by using normalizePath(path.expand(filename)). Many thanks. –  daveslanted Apr 19 '11 at 17:08
@daveslanted It does in R 2.13.0. See my updated answer. What version of R are your running? –  Gavin Simpson Apr 19 '11 at 17:11
R 2.12.2. I'll probably have to stick with the workaround for now rather than upgrade, but good to know it's been fixed in the latest stable build. Thanks again. –  daveslanted Apr 19 '11 at 17:15
@daveslanted or use file_path_as_absolute from the standard tools package (it mucks around with normalizePath under the hood for you) –  Sharpie Apr 20 '11 at 4:35
the winslash parameter has been added in R-2.13. setting it to the non-default "/" allows you to split the resulting name on .Platform$file.sep (it is "/" also on Windows). –  mariotomo Oct 28 '11 at 9:39

I think I kind of miss the point of your question, but hopefully my answer can point you into the direction you want (it integrates your idea of using paste and getwdwith list.files):

paste(getwd(),substr(list.files(full.names = TRUE), 2,1000), sep ="")

Edit: Works on windows in some tested folders.

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Thanks for your response, but ideally I'm after a function which takes an arbitrary file name as an argument (such as those in the bullet list in the question) and returns the fully qualified file name. –  daveslanted Apr 19 '11 at 16:45
How does this work if the user wants to pass in "../current_dir/file.ext" as the path to be expanded? –  Gavin Simpson Apr 19 '11 at 16:51

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