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I'm trying to iterate over the Color class' Color properties.

Unfortunately its not in a collection so its just a class with a bunch of static properties.

Does anyone know if its possible to iterate over a class' properties be it static or object based?

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Yes, it's possible using reflection. Specific colors are defined as a static properties of the Color struct.

 PropertyInfo[] colors = typeof(Color).GetProperties(BindingFlags.Static|BindingFlags.Public);
 foreach(PropertyInfo pi in colors) {
     Color c = (Color)pi.GetValue(null, null);
     // do something here with the color
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I would add: if (pi.PropertyType == typeof(Color)) to future-proof against any new properties being added to Color. – ICR Feb 21 '09 at 13:19

You might also be interested in this code

It provides an easy way to set/get properties by name. If you look into GetBestMatchingProperty you'll find the iteration over properties, that is done the same way as been posted before

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