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Does anyone know where we can get a list of the new API's that will be released in with the Mango Update? According to the keynote there supposed to be about 1500. Also I think it was next month, but does anyone know when we'll get access to them?

UPDATE: Heres a direct link to the API list => New WP7 APIs

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Among other updates (like Silverlight 4 support), new APIs include:

  • Sockets
  • Support for background agents
  • Multitasking
  • Clipboard
  • Direct access to camera streams
  • Silverlight/XNA interop
  • Support for Live Tasks
  • Local database support (SQLCE)
  • Access to the compass and gyroscope
  • General sensor API
  • VideoFormat
  • ElevatedPermissions
  • AutomationEvent
  • BackgroundAudio
  • InteropServices
  • IDataObject
  • TextComposition
  • RichTextBox support

Here is a list of APIs (in a picture) that was shown at the MIX11 keynote.

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thanks man. This is great. +1 – loyalpenguin Apr 20 '11 at 3:20
No Designer support for RichTextBox . Would expect it to be part of the toolbox in the next update . – Senthil Kumar B Jun 10 '12 at 16:32

The Mango tools are slated for release in May. Voting on Mango build access being available to dev devices prior to consumer release in Fall is taking place here (among other feature requests).

Keynote 2

The 1500 API mention came from Scott Gu in his Mix 11 Keynote 2 linked below. If you track forward to 1:06:55 you can see a slide (referenced in Dennis's answer) which gives a snapshot of some of these and listen to Scott's commentary.

The first 1 hour, 23 minutes is all Windows Phone goodness.

In essence they are made of APIs to support new capabilities on the phone and APIs that come from the transition from Silverlight 3 to Silverlight 4 as Dennis and Derek advise.

Breakout Sessions

More specifics are available throughout the Mix 11 breakout sessions, which are searchable and downloadable here.

In particular, I would draw your attention to these sessions which expand further on the high level information presented in the keynote and at the end of the first, @AndrewClinick overviews all of the Phone related breakout sessions for you to consider watching.

  1. What’s Coming Next to the Windows Phone Application Platform | MIX11 | Channel 9

  2. What’s New for Windows Phone Development with Silverlight? | MIX11 | Channel 9

  3. What’s New for Windows Phone Development with the XNA Framework? | MIX11 | Channel 9

Remember to rate and comment for speaker feedback :)

Updates and Details via Twitter

I've forwarded many of the standout announcements to the community from the keynote and detailed breakout sessions via twitter below.

Twitter / Search - from:mickndev #wp7dev #mix11 or here if twitter search is clogged up when you search: Mick N (MickNDev) on Twitter

I'll continue to share these details with the developer community via twitter as they surface.

Tweetdeck is a great hands off way to follow the activity.

It takes about 1 minute to signup on twitter if you haven't already here.

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The updated tools should be available in May (as detailed at MIX) I believe, though some sessions have talked about July for some bits. A lot of the new APIs will come from moving to Silverlight 4 from Silverlight 3. You can catch up on everything that was announced at MIX by watching the sessions at

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