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I have several folders in the Aptana perspective for a project. Most have the usual orange cylinder overlaid in the lower, right corner. But one has instead blue arrows, a right-pointing one and below it a left-pointing one. I don't know what this means or how it happened. Can anyone point me to the place in the Aptana documentation that will explain it and how I get things back to "normal"? I've searched, but no success. Thanks.

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Those icons are typically used for version control, like CVS or SVN. You might have accidentally switched to the Team Synchronizing perspective.

  • A cylinder indicates that your local files are in sync with the main repository.
  • A right-pointing blue arrow indicates that there are outgoing changes for that folder: you have edited a file contained in that folder, but you haven't committed those changes yet.
  • A left-pointing arrow means that there are incoming changes for that folder. As you can probably infer, that means that someone else has committed changes, which you have not yet checked out.

For a whole lot more information, see this tutorial (which might be out of date, but it shows the right screenshots).

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