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I have a 3D array in MATLAB, with size(myArray) = [100 100 50]. Now, I'd like to get a specific layer, specified by an index in the first dimension, in the form of a 2D matrix. I tried myMatrix = myArray(myIndex,:,:);, but that gives me a 3D array with size(myMatrix) = [1 100 50].

How do I tell MATLAB that I'm not interested in the first dimension (since there's only one layer), so it can simplify the matrix?

Note: I will need to do this with the second index also, rendering size(myMatrix) = [100 1 50] instead of the desired [100 50]. A solution should be applicable to both cases, and preferably to the third dimension as well.

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Use the squeeze function, which removes singleton dimensions.



ans =

    50   100

This is generalized and you needn't worry about which dimension you're indexing along. All singleton dimensions are squeezed out.

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Brilliant! =) The SO community is as fast as usual. –  Tomas Lycken Apr 19 '11 at 17:14

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