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I have this form using the simple_form plugin:

<%= simple_form_for([@video,], :remote => true) do |f| %>
  <%= f.association :comment_title, :collection => @video.comment_titles, :label => "Comment Title:", :include_blank => false %>
  <%= f.input :body, :label => false, :placeholder => "Post a comment." %>
  <%= f.button :submit, :value => "Post" %>
<% end %>

and this creates a drop down list with this line:

<%= f.association :comment_title, :collection => @video.comment_titles, :label => "Comment Title:", :include_blank => false %>

My question is how do you modify this code so that each drop down item is a link to each comment_title's individual show view?


Here is the generated html from the code from the first answer:

<select class="select optional" id="comment_comment_title_id" name="comment[comment_title_id]">
    <option value="&lt;a href=" comment_titles="" 224"="">#&lt;CommentTitle:0x10353b890&gt;"&gt;#&lt;CommentTitle:0x10353b890&gt;</option>
    <option value="&lt;a href=" comment_titles="" 225"="">#&lt;CommentTitle:0x1035296e0&gt;"&gt;#&lt;CommentTitle:0x1035296e0&gt;</option>
    <option value="&lt;a href=" comment_titles="" 226"="">#&lt;CommentTitle:0x1035295a0&gt;"&gt;#&lt;CommentTitle:0x1035295a0&gt;</option>    
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I actually figured it out. Here is the ruby code:

<%= f.association :comment_title, :collection => {|ct| [ct.title, comment_title_path(ct)] }, :label => "Comment Title:", :include_blank => false %>

This passes the first element in the array as the text, and the second element in the array as the value. Then I use this jQuery code:

$("select").change(function () {
      var url = $("select option:selected").val();

Pretty simple.

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try :collection => {|ct| [ct, (link_to ct, comment_title_path(ct))] }

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oh didn't know that was even possible... i was going to use javascript but this is cleaner... i'll try this out – Justin Meltzer Apr 20 '11 at 5:04
one question though... why is there ct in the first element of the array before the link? – Justin Meltzer Apr 20 '11 at 5:06
well, the first element is suppossed to be an option value: <option value="comment title">Link to Comment Title</option> – Vlad Khomich Apr 20 '11 at 5:21
this isn't correct. i've posted the generated html from your code in the question details. Any idea on how to fix this? – Justin Meltzer Apr 20 '11 at 14:49
i'm actually not so sure if you can do this without javascript... – Justin Meltzer Apr 20 '11 at 16:20

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